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ssl1033_2b_eWelcome to my freezer!  🙂

I’m Deborah (“Debi”) Taylor-Hough, author of several popular books including Frugal Living For Dummies® and Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month (among others).

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The following is quoted from a media press release sent out several years ago:

Washington-state resident, Deborah Taylor-Hough, saved $24,000 on her family’s total grocery bills during the past five years. “I used to spend $700 per month on groceries and food-related expenses for our family of five, but now I spend around $300. By saving $400 a month, it multiplied out to an overwhelming figure when I did the math,” says Taylor-Hough.

The successful money-saving trick Taylor-Hough discovered was cooking her regular family meals ahead for the freezer. Her method has been so successful, the book she wrote on the topic, Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month, has been a bestseller on for several years.

Taylor-Hough said, “Cooking in bulk has become my part-time job — it’s actually allowed me to stay home full-time with my kids.”

Cooking for the freezer helps her to plan ahead, purchase items in bulk, cut down on waste, and stop those all-too-frequent trips to the local drive-thru. “Plus,” she says, “my kids aren’t on a first name basis with the pizza delivery man anymore!”

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[…] Taylor-Hough, who saved $24,000 on her family’s total grocery bill during a five-year period, offers up kid-tested and family-approved recipes in Frozen Assets, plus bulk-cooking tips for […]


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Hey, same here blog stats hit. 😀 Been a follower for over a decade; just now found this one of your sites.


Comment by omahacheapthrills

Hi, Deb! I noticed I got a view from your blog on my stats page, and I happened to check it out. Man, am I impressed with these recipes!


Comment by Mattheous

Ms. Taylor-Hough:

My husband and I have used your “Frozen Assets” book for the last two years, and it has made our life so much easier! Being able to eat home meals for an entire month with just one day of cooking has been a joy — and has removed a lot of stress!!

I wanted to not only thank you, but ask a few questions about some recipes and maybe share some of mine with you.

Well, thank you!




Comment by Mike


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