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Should You Cook with a Friend?

Does the thought of preparing 30+ meals by yourself sound like a lonely way to spend the day? Why not share the job with a friend? Not only is it fun, you can also share cooking utensils, pots and pans, recipes, and cooking know-how.

You’ll need to choose someone with the following similarities: family size, appetites and tastes in food. Special dietary requirements also need to be taken into consideration.

Choosing a partner who’s cooking for the same size group really helps when it comes time to divide the meals-simply split everything fifty/fifty.

But most importantly, you need to choose someone you enjoy spending time with-it’s a much better idea to choose your best friend rather than the best cook you know (unless the best cook is also someone you love to be with for hours on end).

It might not be as difficult to agree on which meals to prepare as you think. Get together with your intended cooking partner and each of you bring a list of 10 -12 of your family’s favorite everyday meals. If you plan on tripling recipes as you prepare them, you’ll only need to agree on 10 recipes total for a full 30 days of meals.

It helps if you divide the various duties beforehand — maybe one of you can do the shopping one month while the other takes care of babysitting duties; and someone could prepare chicken meals while the other prepares ground beef recipes.

One potential difficulty of cooking with someone else is a lack of freezer space during cooking day. You might want to plan on cooking at the home of whoever has the most available freezer space.

Also, have several picnic coolers handy for transporting frozen meals to your home.

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